Seismic Safety Website Design Company

Seismic Safety knew what they were doing when it came to protecting structures from earthquakes. They just needed to help people find their website online so they could benefit from the valuable information and service the site provided. They called on Networking Bizz for their SEO expertise.

Specific Functions

Seismic Safety knew the keywords they wanted to rank for. Networking Bizz researched the keywords to make sure these were the best ones for the company and their location. When Networking Bizz determined that these keywords would, in fact, bring in traffic, they had their work cut out for them

Increase in total traffic attributed to search campaigns SEO
Increased in online form fill conversions
Increase in average monthly calls
Information made accessible

An easy to navigate site to find information fast.

Networking Bizz successfully ranked Seismic Safety for almost all of the keywords they requested. As a result, the company has a visible online presence in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley when these keywords are searched.

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